Token Value Accrualmachanism


Staking of the STN token is the anchor for the Stone ecosystem. It confers substantial benefits to users who stake their STN tokens, including:
governance rights;
farming multiplier.
Stake for Voting - For community proposals of governance changes, the users will need to stake STN tokens for voting, and all voted tokens will be returned 11 after 5 days of the end of each voting round.
Farming Multiplier - When the STN staked in Stone ecosystem for the yield farming rewards, the users will be allowed to choose the timelock of the token staking, in general, we will assign higher multiples for users who will like to lock the STN staking for longer time.

STN Buyback and Burn

Partial of Stone platform fees income will be used to buy back the STN tokens in the circulating market and burn. This will be further proposed in the governance structure.