Deflationary Mechanisms

Deflationary Mechanisms:

At present,
  • STN token is held for voting & governance
  • STN tokens will be issue as reward when minting stBNB & redeeming BNB
    • When minting stBNB, 0.1% BNB will be deducted as staking fee. When redeeming BNB, 0.1% of stBNB amount will be deducted as unstaking fee, but user get extra STN as reward
    • The stake fee and unstake fee will be collected into StoneBank communityTaxVault. These fees will be used to buy STN from Pancake swap, and the STN will be burned immediately.
    • Governance token will provide the right to trigger the burn operations.
  • STN token can be burned
    to accelerate unstaking of liquid token from the validator nodes
  • STN token can be locked up to farm for more stBNB tokens.