StoneDefi V2

Stone V2 should include all existing V1 assets for staking, not only the inclusion of STONE (STN) and variable staking periods. Staked assets can earn ‘Rock Solid Yield’ in ETH, USDT, and more. Yield earnings are highest as soon as assets get staked, as variable staking period compounding can maximize returns over time.

Phase 1 (September 2021)

  • Staking strategies upgrades
  • Upgrade the smart contract functionalities
  • Framework for Stone Ethereum product
  • Optimizing the risk exposures

Phase 2 (September 2021 — October 2021)

  • Re-discover strategies formed from the multichain perspective
  • Update the products on Binance Smart Chain
  • Update the products on Polygon

Phase 3 ( October 2021 — November 2021):

  • Further improve the current cross-chain bridge development

Phase 4 (November 2021 — December 2021):

  • Tokenize the liquidity of POS assets
  • Stone Launchpad

Phase 5 (Q1 2022):

  • One-stop rock solid yield platform for users to be exposed to lending, yield farming, cross-chain strategies, and users are also allowed to have the flexibility to choose best-fit yield farming opportunities in multiple chains.