Cross-Chain Strategies

With the leverage of the Polkadot’s cross-chain capabilities, we are looking to bridge other chain assets to join Stone as well. In addition to Ethereum and Polkadot, we would like to continue the adoption of Bitcoin in the DeFi ecosystem and cross-chain marketplace of Stone, as Bitcoin is in demand in the ecosystem and with rapid growth rate. As of January 2021, there are in total of 148,147 Bitcoins on Ethereum, approximately 148 times from the 1,000 Bitcoins on Ethereum as of January 2020.
With the bridge built by Interlay and other protocols, we could easily bring valuable assets such as Bitcoin, ZCash etc onto Stone platform to generate yield.
These large cap assets will be able to form an attractive index for average users to get exposure to the crypto market with hedged risk and high liquidity. This will be the first decentralized cross-chain index that so far is only offered by a centralized entity with a custodian. A decentralized non-custodian index will provide additional security to users’ funds. And each individual underlying index constituent will be able to participate in different yield farming strategy to generate additional yield for users.
”STONE Cross-Chain Strategies”